Saturday, November 28, 2009

A New Start

So, it’s been a while… Since July 2nd to be exact… Shortly after my last post a tiny parasitic being took control over my brain and body and things got a bit blurry. I was certain of a few things though:

1. I needed a nap.

2. Vegetables are horrible and the work of the devil.

3. I needed another nap.

4. The garden and the blog would have to wait.

Amidst all that sleeping, queasiness, and eating only white foods with no odor, a few minor miracles occurred.

I rallied long enough to make a perfect raspberry tart with vanilla pastry cream.

Mom, Dad, Brad and I roasted and canned a laundry basket of red peppers.

My New York friends stopped by and worked for their dinner.

These grew,

and these,

and way too many of these.

And this...

Now that the garden is frosted and gone (except for the beats, turnips, Swiss chard, an exuberant bunch of oregano and a solitary artichoke) and the parasite in my belly has changed first into a squirming baby kicking away at my internal organs, I’m finally hungry again. So I thought I should resume posting--more cooking and less gardening as the ground begins to freeze--but still tasty things to share. And a baby by mid-March, just in time for the next round of planting.