Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Summer Peppers

Yesterday I woke up to a thin layer of snow on the ground, it was long gone by the time today's sleet and drizzle started. And it all makes me miss summer. In August my Dad stopped at the neighbor's farm stand and bought a large laundry basket of red peppers. Mom called and invited us over to help. Growing up, her mother and grandmother would roast peppers, both hot and sweet, on their gas stoves and spend the whole day canning them. Both mom and I have electric stoves, but Dad thought the grill might work.
It did.
So we roasted our peppers outside. My forearms turned pink for lack of long tongs to turn them with. Once black, they were packed into bags to steam before Mom and Brad scrapped the blackened skin and seeds away. Dad watched, drank wine, and offered suggestions. A large laundry basket of peppers becomes a good sized bowl of roasted peppers, and Brad and I left that evening before they had all made their trip through the pressure canner. But we were forgiven and given 5 jars of bright red to get us through the winter. So yesterday it snowed, and then got slushy and officially became winter, and I cleaned out the refrigerator and found a half used jar on the shelf. I made corn soup from an icy bag of kernels found in the very back of the freezer and the sad, limply forgotten scallions in the crisper became scallion cream biscuits. They were both lovely, and the soup was especially warming thanks to the roasted red peppers I stirred in right before serving.

Corn and Roasted Red Pepper Soup
(Adjust measurements to fit what you have, I'm just guessing at them anyway.)

2 and 1/2 cups frozen corn
1/2 white onion, chopped
1 potato, peeled and cut into medium dice
4 cups broth (I used both veggie and chicken)
1/2 cup cream or milk
2 tbl butter

Saute onion in 1 tbl butter until translucent.
Add corn and saute for a few minutes.
Add potato and stock.
Cover and simmer briskly until potato is tender.
Use an immersion blender to puree until only slightly chunky.
Add milk or cream as desired to enrich.
Before serving, stir in roasted red peppers.


  1. OK, what's with the burning-Emily's-arm-skin thing? That's gonna have to stop, k? I like your recipe; I want to say "only slightly chunky" about lots of things. : )

  2. i need some sort of kevlar gauntlets! and now that you point it out i think "only slightly chunky" is a pretty good way to describe me right now!